Pelops Akademi

Searching, finding and developing talented athletes; The "Long-Term Athlete Development" model (LTAD), which has become one of the important issues of recent years in training elite athletes to be successful in high-level sports, has become the focus of all countries seeking success in high-level sports. This model aims to create a lifelong sports career and performance by associating training content and structure with biological development processes. Training content is created by paying attention to the state of biomotor abilities, which are described as "Sensitive Windows" and become sensitive according to age and gender. This content is planned under the headings of "Early Specialized Sports" and "Late Specialized Sports" according to the biological maturity of the relevant motor skills required by the sport. In order for this maturity to occur in certain age and gender categories, it is recommended that the athlete engage in three different sports branches. We are a sports club established in Ankara to serve our people in all age categories in order to explain the perspective of this model to our people and to contribute to long-term athlete development in our country.


Long term scientific research has shown that it takes 10 years of training and 10,000 hours of training for athletes to achieve a perfect structure. There is no shorter way to do this. LTAD is a development system designed to help athletes define their careers and achieve their goals in order to achieve the highest level of training efficiency. The main purpose of LTAD is not to promise success to athletes in a short time in revealing their sporting potential, but to focus them on a lifelong process.